Gale Business Insights Essentials and Gale Business Insights Global merge into Gale Business: Insights to provide efficient research and practical applications.

Gale Business Insights Essentials Merges With Gale Business Insights Global

Empower users with business intelligence compiled into a logical and usable context. Gale, part of Cengage, will soon merge its two business resources – Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Gale Business Insights: Global into one new and improved database called Gale Business: Insights. This single platform supports accessibility and streamlined navigation so that students, business professionals and entrepreneurs can spend less time searching and more time turning their research into practical applications.

Company & Industry Information

Whether you are the undergraduate seeking company news or a public library patron making personal investment decisions, business insights essentials provides relevant and current content to help support your research. This resource offers a broad range of company and industry information, articles, statistical data and more.

The database also includes detailed company and industry profiles, SWOT reports, and market share reports. It also features thousands of company histories and industry essays from Gale’s core business collection. Users can also compare companies and industries using available metrics — accessible from the Comparison Charts drop down menu on the database’s homepage.

Gale, part of Cengage, is moving its Business Insights platforms — Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Gale Business Insights: Global — to a new, improved all-in-one platform called Gale Business: Insights. Developed based on user feedback, this new experience enables researchers to spend less time searching and more time connecting their findings into practical applications. Users will enjoy easier navigation, enhanced collaboration tools and a unified international database.

Company Financials

Business Insights Essentials includes detailed company information including financial reports, market share data and investment reports, along with a wealth of other data such as ratios, SWOT analysis and more. Users can also find company histories, industry essays, business news and articles from scholarly journals.

Encourage users at every level to explore a broad range of business content for career applications and academic learning in subjects like business management, economics, finance and marketing. Built on Gale’s intuitive and user-friendly platform, Business Insights offers unparalleled functionality to support efficient research. Streamlined and improved features include:

Company Hubs

The database provides comprehensive international business intelligence compiled into a logical, usable context. Designed for business professionals, entrepreneurs, students and researchers, this resource encourages users to spend less time searching and more time connecting their discoveries with practical applications.

Enhanced navigation: The new user interface is streamlined to present company, industry and country content in hubs designed by and for business students with deep links to navigate the extensive content that is available. Comparison tools: Market research is made interactive by allowing users to analyze information by company, industry and country, comparing a broad range of data points to develop key insights.

Identify the best industry data and statistics for your needs with comprehensive coverage from over 500 top publications, including full-text periodicals, reference books and trade journals. The database also includes information from industry associations which collect, curate and share the data that is most important to their members. This makes it easier for you to identify the most valuable data and statistics for your specific business purposes.

Company Comparisons

Gale Business: Insights delivers an extensive collection of business intelligence. It combines Gale reference content with respected business sources and full-text periodicals to help researchers understand today’s global business landscape. Researchers can explore a wealth of information including current news, in-depth statistical data and comprehensive reports on companies, countries and industries.

Streamlined navigation offers an engaging research experience designed for students and business professionals. The platform provides pathways to deeper research on company, industry and country topics with content arranged in hubs that were built by and for users.

The existing versions of Gale Business Insights: Essentials and Business Insights: Global are being combined and improved in a single new all-in-one platform called Gale Business: Insights. Libraries migrating to the new platform will enjoy a more interactive experience and increased functionality. For example, the Comparison Tools allow learners to analyze business information by company, industry and country comparing a broad range of data to develop key insights.

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